Wedding Photography – Wedding Photographer UK Destination

Wedding Photography – Wedding Photographer UK Destination

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography back in the day when I first graduated was a proper chore. Formal groups galore and little room for self-expression. What wedding photography clients looked for was a safe pair of hands, someone who guaranteed delivery. So that normally meant older photographers (because it assumed they had experience) and left little room in the market place for the youthful photographers.  Why the pre-amble I hear you ask, well recently I had the great pleasure of photographing a wedding way up North, in Huntley, Aberdeenshire, a mere 11 hours from home in Northamptonshire. Why travel so far, well I had in 25yrs never photographed a true Scottish wedding, a few kilts and sporrans have been bearded at weddings but never had I shot a wedding on Scottish soil. I also thought the wedding would be great fun.

The morning of the big day and the weather was dry but bitterly cold for this southern softy, as I became known!! In an unusual twist I covered the groom preparations and not the bride due to some logistical issues, which made a nice change.

The small village of Forgue was to play host to today’s venues, all perched on a small valley side. I soon realised my southern softy title befitted me as the brides maids dress were both short and thin and they didn’t complain once about the cold. The Bride arrived in a traditional Scottish period wedding dress, which she later changed for a traditional fish wives outfit as a surprise for her father. The ceremony went well and with my traditional wedding photographer head on we shot some interesting family group shots against a dramatic and changing skyline.

A Scottish Feast awaits

Off to the village hall for the reception. A delicious Scottish feast in everyone’s belly, I wasn’t feeling the cold now!  Speeches done and dusted and now I refer you to my earlier comments about self-expression. Well I have never been present at a proper ceilidh and oh my goodness, I was exhausted photographing it yet alone taking part. Hair, kilts, skirts and limbs flying around at terrifying speed, throw in a few newbies who didn’t know the ropes and it could have been a disaster but thankfully all survived with only aching muscles the next day.  Wedding photography from the late 80’s and early 90’s would never have captured the fun, excitement and enjoyment of this part of the day.

Digital wedding photography really does open the flood gates to much more expression, emotion and fun, in wedding photography. I will capture your day from the side-lines, as well as from being fully immersed in the proceedings. The way true documentary wedding photography, should be captured.

If you are getting married and have yet to choose your wedding photographer, why not give us a call it doesn’t matter where you live in the Midlands, England, Scotland, Wales in fact anywhere in the World I would dearly love to play my small part in your big day.

Contact nick at for Wedding Photography in Leicestershire Northamptonshire Rutland Warwickshire and all the surrounding counties.

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