Leather Camera Bag Review – My View

Leather camera bag

Leather Camera Bag Review – My View

Leather Camera Bag Review.


A surprising number of people have asked me to do a review on my new Leather Camera Bag. So here is my mini review of my initial experiences with the Porterbello  leather camera bag.

First Impressions

First impressions on my new leather Camera Bag are it is well constructed with consistent stitching. The cut quality of the leather is good if not up to Billingham or HoldFast standards. It is nicely finished, suppler then I had expected with a good grain texture. Perhaps only lacking feet studs but a minor detail. There is an external full width double zipped pocket on the back of the bag and two small end pockets with big buckle fastenings. The pockets are small ‘ish’ but easily fit a mobile or keys in them. The buckles are in keeping with the main compartment buckles but rather over kill for the size of pocket.


The main buckles are large and easy to open even from properly closing them. On opening, there is an open ¾ length ¾ depth open pocket. With a double zipped full width pocket, behind. The main compartment is large and open and lined in all black velour type material! This is a bit of an issue using black Fuji Gear so I am using some coloured dividers and base to help kit location in the darker spots in which a work. The spacing’s for the kit are fixed, by the location of the Velcro strips, I thought this might be an issue but I was wrong. With the supplied dividers, you have 4 compartments. You also get a slim compartment either side of the main compartment by way of the main compartment is attached, useful for small bits or even a tablet. The walls of bag are padded with only the flip not being padded. There are two ways to carry the bag a handle on the top flap which is stitched and double studded. And the adjustable carry strap, this is also stitched and double stud fixings to secure. The strap its self is rather, well bulky! It appears made so I’m hoping with some use it will soften. The quick release fixings are strong.

In use

I have owned the bag for less than a week but have taken it to 3 location shoots and my studio a couple of times. In that time, it has performed well, as you should expect.


My go everywhere kit consists of a Fujifilm X Pro2, XT2, 16mm, 56mm, 23mm and 35mm and this week has been supplemented with a the new 50mm f2. Plenty of batteries spare, SD cards, lens cleaning kit and assorted ephemera we all carry. It all fits in the Porterbello Bag (incidentally I have no idea if the bag has a particular name, I used needed to call it something) and as a work tool it performed well stays open and closed, comfortable to carry on shoulder or over shoulder, perhaps I little heavy but it’s a leather bag you want lightweight there are a myriad or other brands to choose from.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I’m delighted with the Porterbello bag fits my headshot/wedding needs perfectly. It should remain waterproof and serve for many years. I have already treated the outside with a leather oil to aid suppleness/weather protection and a wax on the base (all home made by my wife.) Pics are more fpr reference will do so proper when i have a few minutes. I also make no apologies for the table cloth, I live with 4 girlie, girls!


I have no affiliation with the suppliers and paid for the leather camera bag myself but here is a link to the seller http://stores.ebay.co.uk/porterbellobags/



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