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Wedding Photographer Leicester Northampton Coventry Birmingham UK

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This particular wedding was a far flung affair in fact it was just down the road, well up the M6 anyway! As a wedding photographer you get to spend one of the best days of two peoples lives with them. As a documentary wedding photographer capturing moments in time for the couple to re live over and over, is a true pleasure.

The day dawned sunny and hot and the temperature was set to rise. With the church filling up and eventually overflowing with well wishers this was a very well loved couple. The ceremony went smoothly with the cheeky bride offering her cheek for the first kiss before embracing her new husband.

Phones Geeks photo bomb group shots.

With so many well wishers we spent rather along time at the church before moving on to the local ruins of a monastery which was a child hood haunt of the groom. Today however we had to contend with ice cream vans and Pokemon hunters! Once these geeks had been ushered away we shot the groups before we captured some tender moments of the pair, geek free.

The evening reception was assured to be a lively with not one but two bands, wedding photographers delight! Speeches done the band struck up complete with lighting rig and they definitely rocked the room. The dance floor was never empty with the bride leading the way in everything dance. I was exhausted watching and i hadn’t had a big frock and heels on all day…..honest!

By the end of the evening i was shattered trying to keep up. I can absolutely confirm a great day was had by all, although i barely got any sweets of the trolley, boohoo!

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