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I love being a photographer, just wanted to say that, it’s true I do, and who doesn’t love a good wedding? Put me and a wedding together and bam, it’s a great combo. As a wedding photographer, I work in a style called documentary wedding photography, its often given re-vamped names by the bridal media, wedding photojournalism, reportage wedding photography and the latest, lifestyle wedding photography. Essentially whatever its name all you need to know is this. I will capture your big day discretely as it unfolds without interference from me. I don’t want you to spend lots of time with me, as nice as that would be! I want you to be having fun, laughing and possibly shedding the odd tear with all the lovely people who are sharing your wedding day with you!

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Wedding photography is a passion for me, something I do because I love it. I want you to have a magical day, it will fly by at 100mph so after its all over the wedding photography will be that lasting reminder. My style of shooting from the point of view of a wedding guest allows me to give you a collection of wedding photos that bring every detail back to you. Maybe even a few moments you hadn’t realised had happened as well. Your wedding day as a story in pictures.

Couples often tell me their idea of “wedding hell” is the traditional bossy photographer and huge amounts of staged, boring group shots. Well that’s not me and I think I may have just the thing for you. I photograph weddings honestly, without any reliance on filters, bulky lighting systems or assistants. I understand that there is requirement for some formal wedding photos and I am happy to shoot them but it does take me away from capturing the good stuff that goes on at weddings.  The more time I spend directing you, the less time there is to capture you your families and friends behaving naturally and having a fantastic time.

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I think documentary wedding photography is about telling a story through pictures. Every wedding story is different. Because of that each wedding story gets told slightly differently. Documentary wedding photographers need to adapt their approach to every wedding every couple. I do this by being part of your day blending in with your guests. I use smaller than considered ‘normal’ cameras and not shooting images from behind a tree with a long lens. I like to get in close and view the fun from a real perspective.

On this page, you will see lots of images that I love and for different reasons but all of them are telling a story of a small part of the day and the characters who are sharing the bride and groom’s day. Its these images that come together to bring your wedding day memories to life.

Wedding photography and in particular, digital wedding photography is miles away from the stuffy style that was the only style of wedding photography back when I first started my career. Couples often worry that documentary wedding photographer won’t photograph the details of the day like place settings the dress even. This is not true, I will photograph them all and try and put them in context showing details naturally and at their best.

On this page, you will see lots of images that I love and for different reasons but all of them are telling a story of a small part of the day and the characters who are sharing the bride and groom’s day. Its these images that come together to bring your wedding day memories to life.

Your wedding day is important to me every couple receive personal one to one service from the initial enquiry through to the delivery of their finished wedding album. Below is an outline of the service you will receive.

  • As many wedding consultations as you feel you need.
  • A pre-wedding photo shoot with online gallery of edited images
  • Me for full day wedding coverage (I often double as a spare bridesmaid at no extra charge)
  • 400 plus edited images in social media formats and high resolution
  • Full re-use rights
  • And perhaps a new friend.
  • There are extras like albums, framed prints and other stuff check out the prices.

Probably because of my old school start in photography I present my images in a style that mimics film, even adding grain to create mood in my images. Many of my wedding photography clients choose me because of this and my black and white images. I even offer a small discount if you choose to have your entire wedding shot in black and white. A full wedding album of only black and white images is one of the most consistently beautiful things in wedding photography.

I would love to photograph your wedding so hit the button and enquire about my availability. As a full time professional photographer, I do only accept a limited number of wedding commissions each year. As such you should expect only professional service and expect professional results.

Wedding Photography
  • Wedding Consultation
  • Pre Wedding Shoot – With Online Gallery
  • Full Day Wedding Coverage till 10:30pm at least
  • 400-500 Edited Images
  • An online gallery
  • Images Social Media Ready and Full Size
  • Full Re Use Rights
  • Colour and Black & White
  • Option of Albums, Canvasses & Framed Prints
Wedding Photography Treats & Extras
Prices from £435.00
  • LOVE YOU... 10”x10” album | Up to 100 images | Presentation box = £435.00 or 12”x12” album | Up to 100 images | Presentation box = £495.00
  • LOVE YOU MORE...To share - 12”x12” | Two 10x10 Linen albums | Presentation boxes = £ 995.00
  • LOVE YOU MOST…. Just for you | 12”x12” Art book in Leather or Linen | Printed on highest grade paper | Matching presentation box | Beautifully framed & mounted print (16x24inch print size) = £1095.00
  • LOVE YOU MOSTEST...Mahoosive 12”x18” Linen Album | Up to 450 images | Nearly your entire wedding | Plus a framed and mounted print (16x24inch print size) = £895.00
  • THE ANTI ALBUM… No album | 20 mounted prints 6”x9” | Beautiful presentation box | Plus a framed and mounted print (16x24inch print size) = £495.00
  • SECOND SHOOTER to cover the angles £225.00

Drop me a line or give me a call, I look forward to hearing from you. Nick

Wedding Photography