Nick Freeman Photography

Hello, I’m Nick and I am a husband, dad to three stunning daughters and a photographer, based in rural Northamptonshire, UK.

Wedding Photographer

I shoot weddings, portraits and events right across the UK, Europe and beyond.

I specialise in telling stories, through pictures. Of your wedding, of your gathering of your party, festival, conference whatever the occasion.

I started taking pictures at about 11 years old, shot my first wedding at 13, (see pic below) with my dad acting as second camera. As I got older my photography took me to all parts of the globe, some nice some less so. But over the coming years I was always drawn to people. Capturing them naturally, going about their day be they farmer in Turkey, Heads of state in Vienna or rioters in hotspots all over the world.

Now I like it more sedate, I had a time away from photography, where I didn’t even pick up a camera for nearly 4 years. I was drawn back in the mid 2000’s and when I made a decision to go back to photography I muddled around following fashions but not being happy. By chance I discovered a fellow wedding photographer and his style sang to me, this is where I should be heading.  For me, I now feel I’m settled with documentary wedding photography style, working discreetly and quietly, the way I had to in the 1990s.  My studio photography and lifestyle/location photography fill my days. Family life is my world and the picture above was taken on one of the best days of my life.


For your amusement here are a couple of pictures of me as a teen and toddler:

Nick Freeman